About Us

About us

Upgradetek is your sustainable performance partner: we support large companies and SMEs in their transformation and good governance. At the service of your efficiency: More than 20 years of experience, a culture of impact and immediate operationality, the agile know-how of 140 consultants, the intelligence of teams who know your market and evolved there since for a long time, the ability to decode the methodologies and technologies of tomorrow for the benefit of today’s successes, a leadership position in several business segments.

Our values

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    Our consultants represent themselves as facilitators, and contribute to decision-making in a transparent and objective manner.

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    Our services are approached with maximum clarity and simplicity, for a perfect understanding of all the actors.

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    Regardless of the message to be conveyed, regardless of the angle from which it is approached, the caring approach is favoured by each of our consultants.

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    Evolution through the achievement of individual objectives

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    The achievement of the objectives is conditioned by the ability of our consultants to adapt to the different profiles they support.

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The commitment

Commitment of means and resources: our firm is committed to providing a team of consultants and research managers who are experts in the businesses for which we support our clients.


We are committed to our customers on the visibility and information of the progress of the missions. We consider that transparency and exchanges are the key factors for the success of the recruitment process.

The partnership

We are very attached to the notion of partnership. We want to be part of the time with our customers and we are committed to supporting our customers until their satisfaction.

The accompaniment

We are committed to monitoring our missions and placements. We assist our clients until the final integration of our placements and organize points with our candidates 1, 3 and 6 months after their integration.


We Are Continually Evolving

A company is a living organism in perpetual motion. Many organizations have now fully integrated the idea that “those who do not move forward step back”. New tools, new ways of working, new competitors, new markets, new generations: everything drives continuous improvement.

Our solutions

Our solutions are ambitious, pragmatic and operational. They are aimed at both SMEs and large groups who wish to activate the performance levers to serve the satisfaction of their customers.

Worldwide availability

The group’s growth strategy is based on international expansion and the diversification of the disciplines for which we recruit.

Proximity support

Through our businesses and our offers, our value proposition is twofold: to allow you to refocus on your core business and to bring agility to your information system.


Our goals

  • Understand the needs of our customers and involve the people within the company.
  • Have an objective view of the company’s situation.
  • Develop a successful partnership with all the actors involved in the projects.
  • Proposing a permanent progress approach through the use of relevant tools
  • Evaluate the process and modalities of the intervention, its results and its effects

It’s our job. This is what inspires us . That’s what drives us.

That’s what we do. This is what inspires us. This is what motivates us.
Our ambition & commitments is to provide our expertise and know-how to support the implementation of operational models in order to boost the performance of companies and enable them to create ever more added value, contribute to growth, reduce risks and improve the operational efficiency.


Do you have any questions ?

At Upgradetek, we favor human contact to offer businesses and professionals appropriate advice and a personalized approach based on profiles and objectives.



+216 26 115 320

23, Nablus Avenue 1001 Tunis, Tunisie

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    Upgradetek Engineering is a strategy and management consulting firm, specialized in the transformation of financial institutions. As one of the leaders of this sector in Tunisia, we have been supporting our banking and financial clients for more than 14 years in the evolution of their business model, in defining and implementing new target business models and improving their performance.

    23, Avenue of Naplouse 1001 Tunis, Tunisia
    +216 71 33 93 95