The essential soft skills for good management

The essential soft skills for good management

27 June 2018 in Advice

Are there skills, abilities common to all of you, and can we say that they are essential to evolve, to reach management positions?

First of all, we show great respect between us, each appreciates the professionalism of the other, and has confidence in their point of view. I also think that we are all very committed to our mission, sometimes even passionate because we want to get things done. We have a strong desire that this success be collective and that there is absolutely no competition between us. We have a full professional life, but also a personal life, and so to ensure this good balance, we are quite organized. Although we have different personalities, we get along well and enjoy sharing and working together.

I would not like to put our strengths in opposition to those of men, of course they share a certain number of qualities and complement our strengths with their own qualities. For example, being a little less passionate and more detached in certain aspects brings good balance to a management committee.

To evolve and take positions on a management committee, whether you are a woman or a man, you must have a certain number of qualities:

  • Be a leader, train others by your convictions, by having the ability to convince, not being afraid to challenge the existing, to give your opinion.
  • Have an ability to manage people, manage different personalities, listen to them, accept ways of thinking different from your own, and know how to question yourself.
  • Trusting, knowing how to delegate and of course knowing how to make employees grow.
  • Know how to federate his team around projects but also the various stakeholders.
  • Think for the good of the company and not for your own interests.
  • Being able to make decisions, explain them, make sense of them.

What, in your opinion, are the qualities necessary to create a group dynamic that is both productive and promotes the development of individual skills?

The first thing to create a good group dynamic is to have common values. Respect for others, listening and sharing must be working bases. If speech is free, people will be able to express themselves and have confidence in themselves. They will even be able to talk about their weaknesses and work on them and turn them into strengths.

For me, a good group dynamic is one where mutual aid takes precedence over competition.
My teams are often specialized by type of business: value, volume, direct, indirect. As soon as they are hired, I tell my employees that their position will be more dedicated to a business, but that above all, we are a team. If a business unit encounters a problem, all the people will pitch in and give their energy to an analysis or a project to be completed with the necessary rigor imposed by our function.

A good group dynamic is also one where everyone contributes.
Contributing does not mean doing everything together, but rather positioning yourself as an expert in your field, explaining things and giving another angle of view.

The exchange for me is essential, the latter must be done formally through team meetings to share the news, the issues, to be aligned with our priorities. However, it is also necessary to have more privileged exchanges with its collaborators. Even with telework, it is necessary to do fairly short “one to one” meetings to be able to discuss certain subjects in a deeper way.

Does this extraordinary situation (the pandemic) reveal new skills to be acquired for future recruitments to be made?

Indeed, there are certain skills to develop:

  • Agility, adaptation: our days are longer in duration, I have the impression of working more, but not necessarily more efficiently, I just miss this part of informal exchanges.
  • Knowing how to prioritize: this means renouncing to be everywhere, and therefore, expanding everyone’s autonomy by delegating missions.
  • Know how to write in a simple way, sum things up in a few words, a few sentences rather than transferring a chain of emails where you have to read x emails to find out what happened.
  • Listening and caring are essential values in the world in which we currently live. It is sometimes more difficult to identify if the person you are talking to is fine, if his mood is good.
  • Knowing how to give yourself breathing time, in this very “demanding” world, and for that, you need to be more organized.
  • When you are a team manager, you now need to have a G.O ability, and to lead a team in a fun way (organization of quizzes, sports challenges) to have privileged moments outside of work if possible.
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