Developing in C++ Level 3


Training overview

The C++ language is complex, and offers many possibilities. Whether it’s memory management or better use of the language, it’s important to make sure that the code you put in place will provide the most security.


– Understand the concepts presented in the different training modules
– Be able to make choices between the different techniques presented
– Succeed in implementing them independently when the module is accompanied by practical work

Target audience

This course is intended for people already using the C++ language and who wish to deepen their knowledge.


    Introduction to STL
    Presentation of the basic elements of the STL.
    – The string class
    – Iterators
    – Associative containers
    – Sequential containers

    Dynamic typing
    Introducing dynamic typing with RTTI.
    – Advantages and disadvantages of dynamic typing
    – Dynamic type conversion
    – The type identification operator

    Smart pointers
    Presentation of smart pointers and their use.
    – What is a smart pointer?
    – Advantages and disadvantages
    – Implicit conversion

    Compatibility between C and C++
    Overview of code elements that are not compatible between C and C++.
    – C code incompatible with C++

    The utilities part of the STL
    In STL, utilities offers many tools that make it easier to debug C++ applications.
    – The even class
    – Automatic pointers
    – Auxiliary functions

    The Object Functions of the STL
    Presentation of the Object functions (often called functors) of the STL.
    – Presentation of Object functions
    – Using Object functions

    The digital components of the STL Presentation of the use of digital components (complex numbers …).
    – Complex numbers
    – The valarray class
    – Numerical functions

    Presentation of allocators and their usefulness.
    – Role of allocators
    – The default allocator
    – User allocators

    The Boost Library
    Presentation of the Boost library.
    – Presentation of meta-programming
    – Code calculation and optimization
    – Automatic code generation

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