Essential LoRaWAN, send and process IoT messages.


Training overview

Day intended for experienced computer scientists wishing to understand the IoT network mechanisms offered by LoRaWAN. Practical work is carried out on Arduino, in conjunction with specialized LoRaWAN equipment. Templates will be provided so that you can focus on the essentials of the concepts.


– Understand the concepts presented in the different training modules
– Be able to make choices between the different techniques presented
– Succeed in implementing them independently when the module is accompanied by practical work

Target audience

Developer, architect or technical manager.


    The LoRaWAN Specification
    Presentation of the concepts defined by the LoRaWAN specification.
    – Presentation of the LoRa-Alliance.
    – Communication methods and classes A-B-C of equipment.
    – “motes”, concentrators and LoRaWAN servers.
    – Quality of service and security.
    – LoRa and LoRaWAN.
    – The nature and content of the messages, scope and size, speed, frequencies, …

    LoRaWAN Server
    The conductor in the LoRaWAN model.
    – Roles devolved to LoRaWAN servers.
    – Public/private servers and data recovery methods.
    – The activation of equipment with a server, in ABP or OTAA.
    – Overview of available servers: Semtech, Things Network, …
    Practical work: observation of the correct routing of data from a sensor to a server.

    LoRaWAN hub
    The intermediary between the transmitter (mote) and the LoRaWAN server.
    – The underlying communication model, comparison with other models (GSM, etc.).
    – The role of the packet forwarder and the network communication methods.
    – Equipment and associated software solutions available.
    Practical work: configuration of a concentrator prototype, observation of the operation of a specialized concentrator.

    Mote LoRaWAN
    Presentation of the LoRaWAN message transmitter/receiver sensor.
    – Sending and receiving messages.
    – Equipment and associated software solutions available (IBM LMIC).
    Practical work: implementation of a Mote prototype on Arduino with a LoRaWAN radio module of the SX1276 type, use of an ABP or OTAA mote.

    LoRaWAN Architecture
    Synthesis of architecture models offered by LoRaWAN.
    – The choice between public or private operator.
    – Liaison with IS components: Broker MQTT, Bigdata, containers …

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