Essentiel Java 8, lambdas and streams


Training overview

Day intended for experienced Java developers wishing to understand the essential new features of Java 8 consisting of lambdas and streams. Practical work is carried out.


– Understand the concepts of functional programming and lambda
– Discover the power of streams
– Use lambda and streams to make Java codes more maintainable

Target audience

Anyone who wants to understand the power of Java 8.


    Java 8.
    Introducing what’s new in Java 8.
    – The new philosophy of language: focus on what you want to achieve, and not on how to do it.
    – The detailed content of this version of Java.

    Functional programming.
    Presentation of the concepts associated with functional programming.
    – Characteristics and benefits of the functional approach.
    – The reification of a function, or how to marry Objects and Functions.
    – Referential transparency and optimization by memorization.

    Lambda-expressions in Java 8.
    The transcription of the concept of functional programming in the Java world.
    – Links between lambda, interface and anonymous class.
    – Typing of a lambda-expression, Function, BiFunction, Predicate, Supplier, Consumer…
    – The interest of references to methods and constructors
    – Modified APIs to exploit lambda-expressions.
    Practical work: creation of lambda-expressions.

    Map-reduce and streams.
    Presentation of the concepts popularized by Google in 2004.
    – The interest of the model.
    – The map and reduce operations, the four stages of the process.
    – Examples of implementations.

    Java 8 streams.
    The Java 8 “stream” API and its use cases.
    – The basics of streaming.
    – The joint use of streams and lambda-expressions.
    – Parallelization of processing with parallelStream().
    – The proper use of the Java thread pool.
    -Points of attention and good practices.
    Lab: use of parallelStream().

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