HTML 5 CSS 3: The Basics


Training Overview

The HTML5 CSS3: The Basics training aims to allow you to go from an idea to an HTML page. This training provides you with all the keys to setting up websites using all good HTML5 and CSS3 practices. At the end of this training, you will be able to integrate any graphics on your websites, while respecting the state of the art to guarantee the accessibility of your creations


– Know how to design web pages in HTML5 and CSS3 languages ​​completely independently, without visual editor or layout tables.
– Design valid websites according to W3C standards, know the main existing HTML tags, structure its content (use list items, hypertext links, images), apply its first formatting using styles CS

Target audience

– Graphic designers
– Newbie webmasters
– Content writers wishing to understand the code manipulated


    1. Introduction and basics
    – What is HTML5 ?
    – What is CSS3 ?

    2. The content: title and paragraph
    – Title and paragraph tags (<h1>, … <h6>, <p>)
    – First CSS decorations: color and background-color
    – Content alignments: text-align
    – Color formats (hexadecimal, keywords)
    – Serif and sans serif font families: font-family

    3. Links
    – Create a link to another page with the element and its href attribute
    – Underline (or not) a link: text-decoration

    4. Apply margins (internal and external)
    – Introduction to Box Model in CSS
    – Apply a margin under or on an element

    5. Lists
    – Create a list of items: <ul> and <li>
    – Default and custom bullets

    6. Anatomy of a standard web page
    – Concept of “Doctype”
    – Structural elements

    7. Attacking my first web page
    – File tree
    – How to apply CSS styles?
    – Code editors

    8. Pictures
    – Display content image: and its attributes
    – Display a decorative image: background-image and associated properties
    – Distinguish an image (HTML) from a background image (CSS)

    9. Practical applications
    – Insert an image in the body of the page
    – A clickable logo
    – Personalization of lists

    10. Sections of a document
    – Notion of “section”: (<header>, … <aside>, <main> <footer> ), (and other sectioning elements)
    – Play yourself too: guess the sections according to the model of the project
    – Listing of sections, titles and paragraphs of the page
    – Application of general CSS styles in accordance with the model

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