HTML5 CSS: Mastery


Training Overview

The HTML5 CSS: Mastery training aims to allow you to integrate websites using all the best HTML5 and CSS3 integration practices.

You will be able to use all the new features brought by HTML5 and CSS3: geolocation, rich interfaces, video, W3C compatibility


– Be able to use the new features of HTML5 and CSS3
– Be able to integrate multimedia elements
– Be able to implement a mobile approach
– Know how to optimize display performance

Target audience

– Webmasters
– HTML integrator
– Developer


    1. Presentation and reminders on HTML CSS
    – History of HTML / CSS
    – W3C and WHATWG definitions
    – The new integration “philosophies” of HTML5
    – Differences between versions of CSS

    2. Panorama on HTML5
    – The new Doctype
    – New semantic elements
    – New global attributes
    – Management of different browsers
    – Section management
    – The new tags “time”, “mark”, “figure”, “menu”, “details”, …
    – The end of ?inline? and ?block? and obsolete tags: center, font, frame, acronym, …
    – Semantic content management: microdata and optimization for indexing engines, itemid, itemref, itemscope attributes, ..
    – Vocabularies and Rich Snippets

    3. Improvement in form management
    – New form fields: placeholder, autofocus, min, max, step, …
    – New elements: tool, progress, meter, …
    – CSS styles in validation: valid, :invalid, :checked, etc.

    4. Mastery of multimedia elements
    – The video and audio tag
    – Media and formats: container (MP4, OGG, WEBM) and codec (.h264, Vorbis, Theora, VP8, etc.)
    – Object, embed and svg tags, APIs

    5. New features brought by JavaScript
    – DOM extension: getElementByClassName, querySelector, contenteditable
    – Drag n’ Drop functions
    – Online / offline detection with appcache
    – The control API in JavaScript
    – File management
    – Asynchronous two-way communication with WebSocket
    – Local storage and session storage with Web Storage and IndexedDB
    – Using JSON
    – Geolocation, positioning and use of Google Maps

    6. Getting started with CSS3
    – When to use CSS3?
    – Syntax, prefixes
    – Cascade and browser compatibility
    – The selectors
    – Manage transparency
    – Tabular formatting
    – Templates and layout

    7. Personalize your content
    – Colors, fonts…
    – Manage rounded corners
    – Animation and transformation of its content

    8. Generate responsiveness with Media Queries
    – The mediaqueries syntax
    – Force the viewport

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