In the consulting sector – Audit

At Upgradetek Engineering, our managers can be specialists in consulting (management consulting, strategy, etc.), IT service delivery (ESN, software editors, etc.), or audit.

Our transition manager specialized in the Consulting and Audit sector knows the context related to this sector and understands its challenges.

On the Audit market:

  • Impact of the PACTE law on business volume and margins
  • Digitization of financial departments
  • Emergence of the blockchain
  • Progress in data analysis
  • Need to diversify activities and offerings
  • Changing client expectations

On the Council and NSE sector:

  • Drive innovation internally to better communicate to corporate clients
  • Accelerate digital transition offerings
  • Develop new offers in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, cognitive systems
  • Continuing the Data Revolution
  • Continue to support the transformation of business models from industrial customers to selling solutions
  • Deliver services in the field of connected objects (development, security, management of objects, data management, etc.)
  • Attract top talent in an ultra-competitive market, with all startups added
  • Organize commercial forces to better sell offers and develop sales
  • Prepare your transaction projects (sale, LBO, fundraising)
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    Upgradetek Engineering is a strategy and management consulting firm, specialized in the transformation of financial institutions. As one of the leaders of this sector in Tunisia, we have been supporting our banking and financial clients for more than 14 years in the evolution of their business model, in defining and implementing new target business models and improving their performance.

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