In the industry sector

At Upgradetek Engineering our managers can be specialists in the chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, energy, refining, transport, food processing, electronics, metallurgy, machine production, paper/cardboard, printing, etc.

Our transition manager specialized in the industry sector accompanies you in the context of a replacement of Director, a transformation of the company, or a crisis management.

The Transition Manager specialising in industry precisely meets the needs of this sector of activity.

He knows the context of this market and understands its stakesHe has mastered the techniques specific to the sector, brings a return on experience, and has a knowledge of the network and the competition.


These elements allow him to be comfortable to act in an environment that faces the problems of :

  • Regulations
  • Digital transformation, technological advances
  • Gross Margin
  • Strong competition
  • Need for skilled, skilled labour
  • Training, development of employees
  • Data Management
  • Environmental concerns
  • Social management, management

Our Upgradetek Engineering managers work in companies that address these issues. This allows them to strengthen their adaptation in our customers, and to guarantee the success of the missions supported.


For example, industry transition managers at Upgradetek Engineering can accompany you on:

  • Definition and implementation of the company’s industrial policy (market assessment, strategic choice of organisation, analysis of the investments needed in terms of production tools, development of a product line)
  • Supervision of industrial department
  • Management of operational teams, allocation of resources (may be multi-site, international)
  • Evolution of factories thanks to innovation, digital transformation, process optimization, in this sector in full technological and digital change (monitoring of production equipment, industrial robots, implementation of a new tool, etc.)
  • Improvement of industrial performance
  • Deployment of a Lean Management approach
  • Automation, robotics, securing production sites
  • Site restructuring (development of product line agility, standardisation of platforms)
  • Optimisation of supply chain integration
  • Crisis management or a turbulent production site (social level)
  • Site Closure / Opening
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