Modernize your Android apps with Kotlin and the best toolkits


Training overview

This course is for Android developers who want to migrate to Kotlin. It also presents a set of tools and practices to improve the quality of developments. Practical work is carried out in Kotlin with Android Studio.


– Know the Kotlin language
– Discover Android tools and libraries
– Leverage advanced Android APIs

Target audience

Architect, Techlead, Developer wishing to optimize their Android development practices through the Kotlin language.


    Android Reminders.
    – The latest developments in the Android eco-system
    – Android versions and API versions
    – Development languages ​​and NDK/SDK

    Kotlin language
    The basic concepts of Kotlin and the application with Android Studio.
    – Positioning of Kotlin in relation to Java
    – Syntax and basic concepts (types, instructions, classes, …)
    – Delegation and genericity
    – Lambda-expressions, collections, exceptions, …
    – Getting started with the Android Studio development environment
    Practical work: analysis of Kotlin code, creation of a project in Android Studio.

    Advanced tools for development
    Development cycle of an Android application.
    – Configure the Gradle build and master build variants
    – Analyze and improve code with Lint
    – Optimize an application with ProGuard
    – Develop and profile an application
    Practical work: configure Gradle, use the different tools.

    Automate testing
    Set up Android application test automation.
    – Presentation of the tools adapted to the different types of tests
    – Simulation of user interactions with Espresso
    – Setting up Android Studio for testing
    – Using Cloud Test Lab
    Practical work: automate testing.

    Toolkits and essential services Discover essential tools, services and libraries.
    – Use Google Play Services
    – Manage dependencies by injection with Dagger
    – Optimize image loading with Picasso
    – Simplify REST resource consumption with Retrofit
    Practical work: deploy and use libraries from the set presented.

    Advanced APIs
    Use advanced Android APIs and mechanisms.
    – Use Material Design in HMIs
    – Create widgets
    – Obtain sensor information (accelerometer, temperature, …)
    – Geolocate (wifi, gps, …)
    Practical work: create an elaborate HMI, geolocate.

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