Python Beginner


Training overview

This beginner Python training lasts 3 days and will allow you to take a step forward in your Python mastery


– Address and deepen the use of programming concepts and tools with Python: syntax and features, functions, object programming, etc.
– Get to know Python’s standard library and Open Source ecosystem better.
– Being able to package your own modules and make them installable with setuptools/pip

Target audience

– System and network administrator
– Developer


     1. Fundamentals
    – The Python interpreter. The IPython tool. IDEs for Python.
    – Types, variables, and operators. Syntactic constructions: if/else, for, while, with…
    – Access to files; readind, writing.
    – Exceptions. Handle exceptions. Throw an exception.
    – String type elements. Supported methods, string manipulation techniques.
    – Regular expressions.

    2. Container types and data structures
    – List & tuple.
    – Dictionary
    – Set & FrozenSet.
    – Named Tuple, Deque, etc.

    3. Functions
    – Know the builtins functions.
    – Define your own functions.
    – Passing arguments.
    – Optional arguments with “*args” and “**kwargs”.

    4. The object
    – Class and instances
    – Attributes and methods of instances
    – Initialization method
    – Class attributes and methods
    – Object introspection (the “dir” function and the “__dict__” attribute)
    – Legacy

    5. Code Organization, Modules
    – Modules and packages.
    – Examples of standard modules.
    – Examples of third-party modules available on the Python Package Index.
    – Installation of modules with “setuptools” or “pip”.

    6. Protocols provided by the language
    – Iterators. The itertoolsmodule.
    – Generators.
    – Context managers. The “with” syntax. The contextlib module.

    7. Developer practices
    – Debug your code with the Python debugger (Pdb).
    – Unit tests with the unittest module.

    8. Data persistence
    – The csv module.
    – Access to relational databases (sqlite3, MySQLdb).

    Conclusion and individual assessment

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